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Frequently given answers to frequently asked questions:


Who would benefit from your devices?

Our speech generating devices are used by a wide variety of individuals who cannot rely on their speech for communication. There is no specific age, disability, or language level. For example, a three-year-old boy with Autism, a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, or a 75-year-old with Aphasia may all use one of our devices. 

Where can I go to have my child/family member evaluated?

This varies by state, but a speech-language pathologist should be involved in an AAC evaluation. If you/your family member/your child currently sees a speech language pathologist, check with them first. If you do not have an SLP, your local Saltillo consultant may be able to help direct you to one. Find your consultant here

Can I borrow/trial a device?

Yes, there are several ways you can borrow or trial a device. First, many local state Assistive Technology Programs offer free 4-6 week device loans for families, schools, or professionals. Find your state AT Program here. Another option would be to have the evaluating speech-language pathologist request a 10-day evaluation loan through Saltillo. Finally, another good way to have hands-on experience with the device is to contact your local consultant

How long does it take to get a device of my own?

The length of the process depends on many variable factors.  As a general rule, the typical lead time is 2 weeks, but there are several factors, such as custom keyguards, mounting systems, funding, etc. that may lengthen the process.

How durable are your devices?

Our devices are very durable.  You can view the 7-hour "dryer test" we performed on the Nova Chat 7. New durability testing videos coming soon.

Do you have an app?

We do have an app called TouchChat for iOS. It is slightly different from our devices. In general, you can consider a device a packaged deal and an app more of a DIY solution (see next question). 

How is a device different from an app? Why does a device cost more?

There are several differences between a device and an app. In general, you can consider a device a packaged deal and an app more of a DIY solution.

Our devices include not only the robust vocabulary options and software features, but also come with a protective case with a handle and stand, optional accessories (e.g., key guards, Chat Point for head pointing), technical support, consultant support, and warranty. Our devices are considered durable medical equipment, and therefore, the Dedicated model can be funded through insurance, Medicaid, and/or Medicare.

TouchChat, Saltillo’s iOS application, is available on iTunes. There are several different price points, based on which vocabulary files you would like. There are various options with regards to vocabulary, support, and accessories, which can be explored more at Saltillo also sells a case for the iPad called the ChatWrap, which is available on the SilverKite website. 

How do I get a device funded?

Please see our Funding page for more information about funding.

Can I tell how much a person's AAC device is being used throughout the day?

You can use the data logging capabilities of your device to collect information on a person’s language development. Then you can upload that information to the Realize Language website. You are able to collect data on your own device, upload the data to the Realize Language website and create easy-to- understand reports. This process allows you to monitor, measure and maximize the person's use of the device

What is data logging?

Data logging is the collection of data over a period of time. When someone uses an AAC device or app to communicate, the words and messages they create can be saved if data logging is enabled. The type of information collected includes which buttons are pressed and when, as well as what words are spoken.

What is Realize Language?

Realize Language is a subscription-based online service that organizes and analyzes the data login information and presents the results in easy-to-understand graphic formats that provides valuable insights into each person's language development. Find out more about it here.

What is head pointing?

A head pointer is used in conjunction with the Chat Fusion device. It is a piece of hardware attached to the top of the Chat Fusion, in which the user's head is used in conjunction with a reflective dot in order to direct the movement of the cursor on the screen to make selections. Learn more in this head pointing video.